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Day 2 - Wolfratshausen to Lenggries

August 05 , 2017

I start at 7 and get my breakfast from the gas station across from the hotel. After the first few hundred steps, the soreness in my legs is almost gone. I'm happy to get back from the tarmac onto gravel and forest paths - and suddenly I have the feeling that something is missing. My poles! Well, that means walking a kilometer back to the hotel, slipping in through an unlocked patio door and scaring the hell out of the poor breakfast staff, but that couldn't be helped. Reception is only manned from eight on and the doorbell is broken. Five minutes later I start for the second time.

The route runs over bycicle roads, sometimes also tarmac and concrete, along the Isar river. It doesn't take long until I realize that my plans for today are rather optimistic when I consider the state and feeling of my blisters. I have to swallow the bitter pill. Shortly after 10 am I take a turn towards Geretsried, pillage the stock of blister band-aids in the local apothecary and take a seat in the bus to Bad Tölz. There, I indulge in brilliantly tasty Dampfnudel (famous Bavarian yeast dumpling) with vanilla sauce, and a little later I'm on my way again.

It's getting hot, really hot. The sun comes out and there's not a hint of shade. The last 12 km go on for ages, but at least I discover a small beer garden on the way where I do my best to bring my temperature down with iced coffee and Radler. I envy the river rafters and swimmers on, at and in the Isar.

Finally, the first houses of Lenggries come into view. It's folk festival week, but my legs immediately tell me that I won't go any further than to the hotel's own beer garden.


  •     Distance walked: 25 km
  •     Steps: 40,000
  •     Detours: 2
  •     Liquid consumed: 4 liters

Tomorrow I'll go easy on my feet and take the cable car up the Brauneck mountain, then an easy three hours to the Tutzinger Hut. It's probably a good plan anyway as the weather forecast talks about a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

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